About Us

Adroit:  adjective /ə'droit/

Having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations


Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC was founded for the purpose of acquiring, developing, and producing oil and gas leases, with a focus primarily in domestic exploration.  An enormous part of our business comes from the administration of Joint Venture General Partnerships.

Our inception came from the mutually agreed philosophy; that project administration could be done more effectively and with further transparency. This philosophy was the founding principal in the creation of Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC.  The leading goal was to structure projects to explore for domestic exploration while earning tax benefits and possible monthly revenue from production.  The hardest part of this was proving ourselves as a reputable administrator without anything more than a good plan and previous employment experience.  We are happy to say that, with the help of our parent company, The Adroit Group, LLC (www.theadroitgroup.net), we have accomplished our initial goal.  We muddled through the course corrections of any implemented plan and have created a client base that trusts and believes in our ability and transparency.

Mission Statement

Adroit’s mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to oil and gas joint ventures by developing, acquiring and exploring for oil and gas resources vital to the world’s health and welfare.

Vision Statement

Adroit Oil and Gas, LLC will be a respected independent energy company of the future; relentlessly pursuing targeted interest, maximizing the value of our joint venture assets and providing flexibility and ownership for joint venture participants while always working in a responsible, caring and productive manner.

Core Values

  • Being Fair and Honest – We will treat others like we would like to be treated
  • Planning Wisely – We will dream big and anticipate and prepare for the future
  • Doing Superior Work – We will play to our strengths and strive to do our jobs better every day by being safe, responsible, persistent, creative, goal-oriented, well-trained, agile, prudent, accurate, and timely in the work that we do
  • Aligning Interests – We will create and work toward common goals with our employees, business partners, contractors, consultants, and regulators
  • Helping Others – We will help build a better community
  • Enjoying Life – We will have fun by doing our jobs well, celebrating our accomplishments, exceeding our goals, laughing often, and working in a quality environment with competent peers

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