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08/13/13 at 01:43 PM

The crude oil production in the US, according to the latest monthly report of EIA, averaged about 6.5 million barrels per day in September 2012. As a fact, this is the highest volume in almost 15 years.

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08/08/13 at 09:59 AM

The American Association of Professional Landmen defines a landman as a land professional who has been primarily engaged in negotiating for the acquisition or divestiture of mineral rights and/or negotiating business agreements for exploring for and/or development of minerals.

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Horizontal Drilling: An Oil & Gas Game-Changer

08/07/13 at 02:29 PM

Over the last decade, more and more North American onshore oil and gas (O&G) production has come from past-producing deposits and shale. Technology is changing the exploration landscape. It has enabled companies to reach untapped oil and gas in what were previously considered non-economical parts of many conventional producing reservoirs and to enter into many unconventional shale plays. How is this changing the game for North American exploration and production (E&P) companies?

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08/06/13 at 09:33 AM

As a result, the US is expected to become the world's leading source of oil within the next ten years. This is a great achievement for the US economy. Using your Self-Directed IRA is one way of capitalizing on this unique opportunity.

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Shale Oil to Set-off US Oil Boom?

08/05/13 at 08:53 AM

Analysts now believe these new discoveries in Texas and other states could signal the beginnings of another oil boom in the United States, and importantly, help wean the economy off of imported foreign oil.

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“Waterless Fracking” – Using LPG for Greater Oil & Gas Recovery

08/02/13 at 09:54 AM

GasFrac is unique in the global fracking industry in that it uses no water, and there is now a growing database that shows its Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) technology dramatically improves the overall recovery of oil and gas out of wells.

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How Unconventional Oil And Gas Is Supercharging The U.S. Economy

07/31/13 at 08:33 AM

Abundant resources + cost effective extraction = high production levels of unconventional oil and gas.

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07/30/13 at 09:15 AM

Congress has provided tax incentives to stimulate domestic production financed by private investment sources. These tax benefits enhance the economics of an oil or gas investment.

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Texas Petro Index shows stability, modest growth

07/29/13 at 09:24 AM

Stable crude oil prices, modest gains in drilling rig counts and a growing number of drilling permits added up to modest growth in Texas oil and gas activity as measured by the Texas Petro Index for the first four months of the year.

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The 5 Best Places in the World for Oil and Gas Investment

07/25/13 at 10:53 AM

Today I'll take a look at the survey's results for the five best places on Earth for oil and gas investments.

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07/24/13 at 10:47 AM

WOULDN'T I DO BETTER WITH EXXON OR SHELL? The smaller independents find over 65% of all oil fields, not the major oil companies. The majors left behind thousands of smaller oil fields which, are now becoming valuable as shortages loom until the new giant oil fields are found. There will be an 8-10 year window of opportunity to create great wealth and then we will have sufficient new reserves.

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Green California to Vie With Texas as U.S. Oil Heartland

07/23/13 at 02:00 PM

The Monterey’s prospects coupled with a favorable oil price means “that renaissance is coming to California,” says Phil McPherson, a former energy analyst who is now chief financial officer of Citadel Exploration Inc. (COIL), a California-focused oil company.

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Big Oil Bangs the Drum for Natural Gas

07/22/13 at 12:53 PM

North America was grimly looking at the prospect of growing dependence on foreign gas. Now it’s sitting on so much of the stuff that people are seriously discussing export projects.

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Oil and Gas: An Investment Always in Demand

07/19/13 at 09:26 AM

The ability to extract oil and gas from the ground at a fraction of today’s market prices can make drilling ventures very profitable. And that can have a substantial impact on a portfolio’s overall performance – especially self directed IRAs.

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Texas Shale Puts U.S. Back on Top in Oil Producing

07/18/13 at 03:52 PM

Now, for the first time in decades, the U.S. is producing and exporting more oil than it is importing, according to Bloomberg. It's a big enough deal that it's got the folks over at OPEC studying shale plays, Businessweek reports.

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Shale Natural Gas Market Expansion Leads to American Jobs.

07/17/13 at 10:01 AM

The development of shale gas plays has become a "game changer" for the U.S. natural gas market.

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How Unconventional Oil And Gas Is Supercharging The U.S. Economy

07/16/13 at 08:36 AM

It’s an exciting time to be in the energy industry in America. The impact of unconventional oil and gas development on the U.S. economy is considerable, with potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in investments, millions of new jobs, and a renaissance of American ingenuity and innovation.

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What Are The Top Five Facts Everyone Should Know About Oil Exploration?

07/15/13 at 11:12 AM

There’s lots to know about the oil industry — people spend their entire careers learning small slices of it — but if more people understood the facts above, we would have much more productive public discourse about the world’s energy systems.

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Bad News for Anti-Fracking Activists again.

07/12/13 at 09:53 AM

It’s one in a long series of disappointments for anti-fracking crusaders who expect at least the EPA, if no one else, to credit their crackpottery and paranoia.

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Texas pumping more oil than some OPEC countries

07/11/13 at 08:51 AM

We all know oil production in Texas has soared in recent years. But putting the rise in graphic form shows just how phenomenal the energy turnaround has been: The surge looks exponential

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Six Reasons to Invest in Oil and Gas

07/10/13 at 08:43 AM

There are many reasons you might consider oil and gas investments. There are many benefits that make this sort of investment look very attractive. Here are six reasons why you might consider investing in oil and gas.

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It's Time To Sequester Green Energy Subsidies, Not Oil And Gas Tax Breaks

07/09/13 at 10:27 AM

U.S. oil exports last December hit a record 3.6 million barrels per day, and natural gas production last year saw a 33% increase over 2005 levels. As these successes have been occurring, “green energy” paybacks are turning decidedly brown

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What is Frac Sand? This special sand is one of the keys to producing oil and natural gas from tight shale formations.

06/20/13 at 07:09 AM

This special sand is one of the keys to producing oil and natural gas from tight shale formations

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Adroit Executives are speculating the price for natural gas in the US will rise substantially from levels just over a year ago

06/18/13 at 06:14 PM

Adroit Executives are speculating the price for natural gas in the US will rise substantially from levels just over a year ago. This rise could rejuvenate the drilling for natural gas in the next couple years. Natural gas prices have increased dramatically from this time last year, which currently is at $4.16 per MCF (Thousand Cubic Feet).

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The Texas Shale Oil & Gas Revolution - Leading the Way to Enhanced Energy Security

06/16/13 at 08:39 PM

Last week, we talked about the Eagle Ford Shale, and what a blessing it is for Texas and Texans. In this piece, we will expand that discussion to talk about how the massive production coming out of the Eagle Ford and other oil and gas shale plays in Texas are affecting the national and international supply and demand picture.

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