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Texas has gained 576,000 jobs in oil and gas boom, study says

06/16/13 at 08:38 PM

WASHINGTON — Unconventional oil and natural gas production is creating “a tremendous economic boom for Texas,” with 576,000 new jobs created so far and nearly a million predicted by 2020, according to an analysis released Wednesday by the IHS CERA group, an energy consulting firm

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Oil Boom Fueling Fortunes in Kansas

06/16/13 at 08:33 PM

Fred Hambright has seen a lot in his more than 60 years in the oil business, but nothing prepared him for the craze now sweeping the prairies of Kansas.

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The Return of Fossil Fuels

06/14/13 at 01:57 PM

Enormous new oil and gas discoveries under American soil are having a game-changing impact on the entire economy. How to play the new energy boom.

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Oil: A Big Investment With Big Tax Breaks

06/10/13 at 02:43 PM

The U.S. government has done much to ease the tax burden for those trying to save for retirement. Several major pieces of legislation are geared toward creating tax incentives for workers to just start saving for retirement. Even the capital gains tax rules have been overhauled, allowing for cheaper disposal of appreciated assets.

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Coming To America: Greater International Investment Could Be Coming To Oil And Gas Midstream Sector

06/10/13 at 08:10 AM

-International investment in the US shale dominated the news several years ago as US companies teamed up with global partners to capitalize the enormous cost of developing new shale plays.

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