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09/23/13 at 12:31 PM
Crude oil is an extremely important energy resource which makes the world run. We all know about crude oil, it has been on the books for long and it still rules the news every now and then. With being an important and most revered commodity of the natural resource world, crude oil, almost has the globe energized with its uses. With an abundant use of this oil, the relative knowledge, most of us have about this product is sparingly up to the mark. The most that is known is, it is a fuel that runs your vehicles. To help you out with some interesting facts, we have compiled information from the rocky treasures of crude oil.

History dates the invention of oil to the 4th century, while petroleum found its way in the 1800's. To define crude oil, it is the raw form of oil that is found in certain formations of rock on earth. It is a hydrocarbon (a complex mixture of hydrogen and carbon). It may sometimes also contain sulfur and oxygen. It is basically a fossil fuel, that is got from the decomposition of plant matter, deep in the pressure, in rocks and mountainous formations of the earth, for many years. It is most commonly found in the places like the sea bed and similar locations. The physical properties of this oil also include a sticky consistency like tar, it may sometimes also have a thinner consistency. It is blackish in color and in raw form cannot be used in the same form to get maximum benefits. It is drawn from the rocks and then, refined into lighter consistency oil and many other products. The hydrocarbons are basically broken down, with the help of certain sets of reactions, when refining the oil.

Crude Oil Usage and Products

The oil can be used maximum when refined to other products. It surely has all the value and is versatile, we can say. Apart from the main usage (that which we are aware of), like gas and fuel, it has many more uses, that also include more than 3000 petrochemical products! Let us check the most common and varied uses below.

⍈ Since the ancient times, it was used by Americans and Indians for medicinal purposes. They also used it as a waterproofing agent on the bottom of boats.

⍈ This rock oil has primary finished products of gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, propane, alpha salt, residual fuel oil (oil as energy resource for factories and ships, electricity, etc). Most of the fuels are used to run automobiles and other engines and machines.

⍈ Certain products like LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), ethane and naphtha, are further broken down to give a wide range of petrochemicals. These mostly make, butadiene, ammonia, ethylene, methanol and propylene.

⍈ Certain end products of these petroleum products make solvents like benzene, xylene and toluene. Coke is also an end product of burning this oil. Lubricants are also a part made from the crude oil derivatives, these are petroleum based lubricants used to reduce friction in many mechanisms.

⍈ Plastics are also a petrochemical end product, which has so many varied uses! It is also used in making waxes. Fertilizers and pesticides have a certain amount of crude oil derivatives. The oil also gives detergents, resins, paint, dyes and synthetic rubbers.

⍈ Cloth is also blessed by crude oil. The synthetic fibers, rayon, nylon and polyester use oil for their production. Artificial fur too has a certain amount of crude oil. Perfumes and certain cosmetic products are made using crude oil derivatives.

⍈ Many objects that we use in our homes are made with crude oil as an ingredient. In the kitchen, the refrigerator panels, foam insulation and even the door liners are made from crude oil. An interesting fact is that the nonstick cookware that is used to cook, has a coating made from petroleum, which provides resistance from temperature.

The oil has many uses and has been used in many products, almost everything around, has a trace of crude oil. With so many uses, this natural resource has gained more than just importance in the treasures of energy resources. So, what next? Now that there is so much you know about crude oil, you also know how important it is to conserve it and use it carefully. Using alternatives whenever and wherever possible like natural substances and solar energy is the need of the hour. Get saving from today, and balance the ecosystem, by preserving and carefully using the richest treasures it has blessed us with!

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