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Six Reasons to Invest in Oil and Gas

07/10/13 at 08:43 AM

There are many reasons you might consider oil and gas investments. There are many benefits that make this sort of investment look very attractive. Here are six reasons why you might consider investing in oil and gas.


1. Easy to understand and research. Oil and gas investing is an easy investment to understand. You don’t have to do years of research as you would in the stockbroker world. The gas investments field is very easy. You can make a good decision on your financial future without being a genius.

2. Potential returns. Returns can have a projection of anywhere from five to ten times the initial investment. This is a very risky investment but you can make a lot of money when oil is found. The investment  in most cases of success is incredibly profitable.

3. The investment. When you get into gas investments and your investment does well you have the potential to yeild a high ROI (Return On Investment). Money is what it is all about and the industry of oil and gas gives the biggest profit for investors.

4. Immediate results. You can start receiving money when you hit a well as soon as 60 to 90 days. Profits begin immediately. The profit on this type of investment will happen right away and the projections are usually through the roof. There isn’t an investment on the market that provides results as quickly as oil and gas has the potential to.

5. Tax deductions. There are many tax deductions you can claim the next time you file your taxes. These deductions can get you a good sized return or make it so you owe less money when you file next year. Oil investments have more tax write-offs than any other investment out there. This is because there is so much about your investment that you can claim. The things you can claim include the tangible and intangible costs, you are given a depletion allowance, and more.

6. If you don’t find oil, 100% of your costs can be written off. In the event that you hit a dry hole and find your investment is down the hole and you lose everything you can write off 100% of investment as a loss of a business. This is a very big advantage.

There are many reasons you might consider oil and gas investing as your next big endeavor. If you are looking for something solid to sink your money into this might be it. Oil investments can be a risky decision but you can make a huge profit in the long run.

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