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The Five Biggest Oil Investing Trends of 2014

01/30/14 at 09:56 AM

Texas is the place to invest if you're looking to capture a reliable stream of energy profits in the year ahead.

Oil production in the Lone Star State increased another 18% in 2013, which followed a 35% increase in 2012. The state's total share of U.S. oil production has now gone from 18% in January 2013 to 40% today. The United States is now the world's largest oil producer, and Texas oil development has dominated the production boom.

In 2014, investment in Texas oil is only going to accelerate. Domestic production in other states is currently being hindered by infrastructure problems, and, of course, higher taxes. Tack on the favorable investment environment, vast shale fields, and proximity to refineries, and you've got yourself a nice big source of profits.

Investors should target midstream pipeline companies that provide producers greater access to the Gulf Coast refinery network and producers in the Eagle Ford and rapidly developing Permian shale fields.

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